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Davis Lake Swim & Tennis Club

The Davis Lake Swimming Pool and Tennis Courts are owned by the Davis Lake Community Association (DLCA). The facilities are available for the use of all property owners in Davis Lake Residential, Communities, including Davis Lake Residential Neighborhoods, The Legacy, and Woodcroft Townhomes. Pool memberships are no longer available to families who do not own property in Davis Lake. Current members who live outside Davis Lake may continue to be a member at an annual rate established by the DLCA, but may not sell or transfer their membership to any other individual or family. Rental and Pool Party information - for Davis Lake Property owners only.

Pool ID - Facility Usage Contract
Print out, sign and turn in to clubhouse to obtain ID Card or Renewal Sticker for Pool and Tennis Court Usage. The ID must be obtain BEFORE any family member will be admitted to the Pool. This form MUST be completed annually.

Pool Hours 2016

Pool Information
Don't wait until the pool opens to find out you cannot enter because you don't have the proper photo ID, 2016 sticker or forms signed. Obtaining these items take a little time an effort! Get all the info NOW about ID Cards, Pool admission policy for GUESTS of Davis Lake Property Owners, Summer Sitter Pass Info, and information about residents who are renting a home in Davis Lake.

If you are a tenant and/or rent a home, condominium or townhome in our Communities and are interested in the use of the amenities and pool in Davis Lake you must speak with your landlord about legally assigning their privileges to you in advance. This process takes time and must be completed, notorized and MAILED back by your landlord every year before you come to the pool. The forms your landlord needs are in the Property Owners website - available ONLY to Property Owners.

If you are a Landlord or Rent out your home - Renters of any home or property in any of the Davis Lake neighborhoods will not have access to the pool or other Davis Lake amenities until the homeowner completes and submits all necessary documents annually. The homeowner on record must sign over their amenities rights to the renters. This document is available in the Property Owners website. This form must be signed, notarized and mailed to the Clubhouse by U.S. Postal Mail prior to any ID’s being distributed to renters. Once the homeowner signs their privileges over to the renters, the homeowners are no longer permitted to utilize the amenities. In conclusion, only one may have assigned privileges to Davis Lake amenities. If you are a tenant please speak with your landlord about assigning their privileges to you. For additional information please feel free to contact the Davis Lake Clubhouse: 704-596-6958 or club@davislake.org

Rental of the Clubhouse, Pool and/or Pool Deck is available to Davis Lake Property Owners Only - who must be present during the event. More details

Sitter Pass Covenant
If you use a summer sitter for your children that you wish to use the pool, you will need to complete the Sitter Covenant Form also to obtain a "Sitter Pass".  More details  There is an additional set of obligations that  the parents and sitters must abide by in order to keep the facilities safe as well as to ensure the safety of the children.

2016 Swim Lesson Information

Davis Lake Dolphins Swim Team Information
Pool will close early when hosting Swim Team Meets (4:00pm) See calendar for Home Swim meets.

25 Mile Swim Club
The 25 Mile Club is a season long swimming competition amongst residents. You have from pool opening day until the last day of the season to complete 25 miles in laps. There are prizes for winners who place first, second & third. There will be a notebook located at the Pool Check-in Desk where each resident participating will track their own number of laps. It is in alphabetical order by swimmers last name. Spread the word & let’s start swimming!!! More details

The Davis Lake Pool is managed by Ph Pools for the 2016 Season.    
Swim lessons will be offered by the Ph Pool Guards. Ask at the admission desk for information

The Davis Lake Aquatic & Event Director can be contacted at: club@davislake.org. 704-596-6958.

  DLCA Clubhouse and Aquatic & Event Director's Hours
 Facility Rental and Reservation Information

The Davis Lake Swim & Tennis facilities include:

Club house
  Pool including: 25 yard lap pool, diving area, 88 foot water slide, and a separate toddler pool area
  Active swim team for children that competes locally with other neighborhood swim clubs
  Beach volleyball area
 6 hard surface courts - lit for evening play
  Fitness room with workout equipment

This document was last updated on: April 29, 2016 12:39 PM