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2016 DLCA Board of Directors Election

Paul Crowder and Samantha Mwangi are the two candidates with the most votes and are thereby elected as your new DLCA Board members. Congratulations and our sincere appreciation to all candidates for volunteering to serve our community. New officers elected by the BOD

Note of Thanks to Davis Lake Property Owners from the 2015 President of the DLCA Board of Directors, Bruce Auerbach

Here is the final vote tabulation:

Online Proxies
Paper Proxies & Ballots
Duplicates *
Paul Crowder 147 77 -1 223
Lynn Drake 67 23 -1 89
Samantha Mwangi 102 67   169

*(voted both online and on paper)

The votes were tallied and verified by Hope Hunt, Bruce Auerbach, Megan Morsillo, and Tim Olcott. A copy has been filed with Cedar Management Group. There were a total of 257 votes cast. , This number exceeds the quorum minimum of 256. Vote totals do not match exactly since some voters did not vote for the maximum number of candidates allowed.

Thank you to everyone who took the time and effort to vote.

Questions?  - Contact the DLCA Board at dlca@davislake.org
or election committee member Hope Hunt, DLCA Webmaster at webmaster@davislake.org

.* A minimum of 256 Davis Lake property owners in good standing must vote, in person or by proxy in order for the election is considered valid. The quorum requirement for the annual meeting of members of the DLCA is the presence of members, in person or by proxy, entitled to cast 30% of the total vote of the membership. See Section 6(d) of Article III of the Declaration.
Page was last updated on:  February 8, 2016 2:23 PM