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2015 DLCA Board of Directors Election

Thank you to everyone that participated in the 2015 Board of Directors Election - the candidates, the current board members, property owners who voted, and the election committee.

The new DLCA Board members 2015 - 2017 are: Bruce Auerbach, Chuck Doolittle, and Leopoldo Echevarria. They will join Paul Crowder and Chuck Doll - current board members.
(BJ Muhammed withdrew as a candidate due to personal time conflicts).

Election Results
The establishment of a quorum and tally of the votes was counted and certified by an election committee composed of: Hope Hunt, Megan Morsillo, Kris Milstead and Betty Lee. 257 votes or proxies were submitted - meeting the required quorum of 256.

Questions?  - Contact the DLCA Board at dlca@davislake.org or election committee member Hope Hunt, DLCA Webmaster at webmaster@davislake.org

* A minimum of 256 Davis Lake property owners in good standing must vote, in person or by proxy in order for the election to be considered valid. The quorum requirement for the annual meeting of members of the DLCA is the presence of members, in person or by proxy, entitled to cast 30% of the total vote of the membership. See Section 6(d) of Article III of the Declaration of Covenants in the Property Owners Website.

Page was last updated on:  August 4, 2015 1:48 AM