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2016 DLCA Board of Directors Election
Call for Candidates
2 Seats will be up for Election in 2016

Get involved with your community and apply to be a 2016 DLCA Board of Directors Candidate! Application form is online and available at the Clubhouse. You will need to include a bio about yourself and a photograph when submitting. The deadline for applications will be: December 1st, 2015.

Important Election Dates:
October 1st: Start Application Process
December 1st: Candidate Application DEADLINE
January 4th: Voting Starts
January 13th: “Meet the Candidates” 7:00 p.m. Davis Lake Clubhouse
January 23rd: “Annual Meeting” 9:30

Voting Specifics
Following is a review of voting requirements and relevant facts:
• Only legal property owners are eligible to vote.
• Only one vote per member household is allowed, not per person.
• If more than one Appointment of Proxy is submitted, the LAST one will be honored. Casting of a vote in person at the Annual Meeting will supersede any proxy form previously submitted. Check with your spouse or co-owner to make sure you both are in agreement before voting.
• Paper proxy appointment forms MUST be signed by the owner. Unsigned forms will NOT be honored.
• If you select a proxy (person designated to cast your vote at the annual meeting) other than the ones specified on the paper form, this person must be in attendance at the meeting to cast your vote.
• Every reasonable attempt will be made to properly record proxy appointments. However, anyone using a proxy must assume the risk of non-delivery unless it is delivered personally to an election committee member. Attending the Annual Meeting in person or voting online is the best way to guarantee that your vote is counted
• Public endorsement of any candidate by a current board member is not allowed. Candidates please don’t solicit board members for their public backing. Of course a board member running for re-election can endorse himself.
• Candidates are NOT running for a specific position on the board. Officers will be elected by the board themselves after the election.
• Preliminary election results may NOT be announced at the Annual Meeting if additional time is needed for verification by the election committee.

Election Results
Election votes will be counted and certified by an election committee appointed by the current DLCA Board. Results will be announced via email and on the Davis Lake Website within one week of the Annual Meeting and in the following month's Communique Newsletter. Any additional information will be posted on the Davis Lake website and/or announced in a Group Email.

Questions?  - Contact the DLCA Board at dlca@davislake.org
or election committee member Hope Hunt, DLCA Webmaster at webmaster@davislake.org

.* A minimum of 256 Davis Lake property owners in good standing must vote, in person or by proxy in order for the election is considered valid. The quorum requirement for the annual meeting of members of the DLCA is the presence of members, in person or by proxy, entitled to cast 30% of the total vote of the membership. See Section 6(d) of Article III of the Declaration.
Page was last updated on:  October 5, 2015 7:43 PM