The Davis Lake “Declaration of Covenants“, requires that all homeowners must submit an application to the ARC for approval of ALL proposed exterior additions or alterations to their house or lot. The ARC generally meets once per month – so please submit requests AT LEAST by the 15th of the month or as soon as you plan any exterior changes. The ARC volunteers only meet once a month – and have up to 45 days to determine approval AFTER the application is received. If it is received by the 15th – they MAY be able to approve the same month. Work should not be started until AFTER ARC approval has been received in writing.

The ARC meets the third Monday of each month.

All ARC applications must have original homeowner signature and date. Therefore, no applications can be accepted via email. ARC applications should be submitted at the DLCA clubhouse 24/7. Put your application in the dropslot next to the front door (not the USPS Mailbox). Clubhouse staff will give all applications for the month to the committee. All ARC appeal/variance requests are to be dropped off at the clubhouse.

The Davis Lake Architectural Review Committee (DLARC) provides a set of standards to assist the homeowner in researching what is allowed or not allowed in Davis Lake, based on the Homeowners Covenants.  The standards are not all inclusive – but do provide a sense of what is covered in our legal documents (Declaration of Rights, Restrictions, Affirmative Obligations and Conditions Applicable To All Property in Davis Lake  and Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions of the Davis Lake Community Association, Inc.) that all Davis Lake homeowners are given at the time of their house closing. Other Davis Lake legal governing documents are located in the Property Owner’s section of this website.

If you have questions prior to submitting an application write to

The Davis Lake ARC Standards must be followed by all Davis Lake residents and property owners, including those in the Legacy and Woodcroft communities. However, if there are Legacy and/or Woodcroft standards, Covenants or By-Laws that are more restrictive, then you will need to comply with those as well if you live one of these communities. Please contact your community ARC representative for guidance before making any changes to the outside of your residence or landscaping.

ARC Base House Color Wheel Listing
These are typically the colors that residents use for the house and then provide separate swatchs/numbers of the colors they want to paint their trim and shutters. A suggestion is to look at a shade or 2 darker for the shutters. Generally trim is white but if they desire another color or contrast, they must provide a color swatch.

ARC Committee

If you would like to contact the ARC please email Jessica Graves at