Davis Lake Clubhouse and Facilities Rental

The Davis Lake Clubhouse is the perfect place to hold your event. From birthday parties and social gatherings to baby and bridal showers–even weddings; the Clubhouse is a great facility reasonably priced and with a great location for all Davis Lake Property Owners. Please call (704) 596-6958 or email clubhouse@davislake.org to check availability of your date and to schedule a walk-through.

The Davis Lake Clubhouse and Facilities are available for rentals by Davis Lake Property Owners Only
who must be present during the event.

Full Clubhouse:

$75/hr with a 2 hour minimum $75 each additional hour. Rentals can run no later than midnight and for these later evening rentals they must have all instructed cleaning concluded no later than 1 a.m. Rentals that run over their originally scheduled time will pay $75 per ½ hour they are late.

Complete the Rental Contract

  • Submit Rental Contract to Clubhouse with payment in full of both rental fee and security deposit. Payment must be made by check ONLY payable to: DLCA. We do not take cash. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Pool Deck Area:

The Pool Deck is available for pool parties but must be reserved in advance. Some dates are not available due to high pool usage and events. It is also available as an addition to a Clubhouse Rental (during Pool off-hours only). $ 75/hour (2 hour minimum) $75 each additional hour plus lifeguard fees.

Complete the Rental Contract

  • Pool Party Request Form – Submit Form to Clubhouse with payment as indicated on the form for rental and lifeguard fees. We do not take cash for these fees. Sorry for any inconvenience

Contact the Aquatic and Event Director

clubhouse@davislake.org  for more details 704-596-6958.

The Rental Amendment has not passed. 572 votes were needed for the amendment to win, but the final vote count is 547 votes in favor. Yes, we were 25 votes short, but we’ll come back stronger and get this amendment passed! The board’s next meeting on November 30th will not be open to the community, instead it will be closed session only to discuss this matter and others that are also pressing and time-sensitive. Updates to the community will be forthcoming and community feedback will by sought on the amendment process and future amendment options.