All property owners in Davis Lake Communities (Davis Lake Residential, The Legacy, Woodcroft, The Ridge at Davis Lake, and Twisted Pines) are members of the Davis Lake Community Association (DLCA).

You are represented by the volunteer DLCA Board of Directors, which includes five (5) elected Board Members (fellow property owners). The Board does not receive any payment nor dues reduction for their service.

For a schedule Davis Lake Community Association meetings, see the online Calendar .

Contact the DLCA Board President or Secretary to be added to the agenda for next Community Association meeting.

A member of the Board has a term of two years.
The Board has two members replaced one year and then three the following year.

In the election, candidates vie for a seat on the Board.  Once elected, the new Board internally assigns their Officer positions.

Richard Blocker


Term of Office
Jan ’23 – Jan ’25

  • Presides over all board meetings
  • Assumption of other duties as necessary
  • Liaison to DLCA Attorneys and Management Co.
  • Liaison to Davis Lake Community Director
  • Liaison to Trident Pool Group Contractor and Swim Team
  • Liaison to Landscape Contractor, Terra Green
Kathy Cooke

Vice President

Term of Office
Jan ’24 – Jan ’26

  • Assumption of duties in the absence of the President
Ralph Peters


Term of Office
Jan ’23 – Jan ’25

  • Custodian of all funds and securities of the DLCA Corporation
  • Preparation of accurate accounts and statements of the financial activities of the DLCA – in cooperation with Hawthorne Management
Alex Vigilante


Term of Office
Jan ’23 – Jan ’25

  • Maintain accurate records of all acts & proceedings of all meetings of the members
  • General charge of all corporate books, records and the corporate seal
  • General charge of Membership records and transfer books – in cooperation with Management Company
  • Liaison to DLCA Architectural Review Committee (ARC)
Leopoldo Echevarria

Member at Large

Term of Office
Jan ’24 – Jan ’26

  • Board Member

Are you interested in serving on the
DLCA Board of Directors?

Complete the Application to apply to run for a seat in the next election.
See FAQ for details