2021 DLCA
Board of Directors Election

Davis Lake Community Association was unsuccessful in meeting its 30% quorum requirement of owner participation to hold an election for the Board of Directors. Hawthorn Mgt. office counted 201 ballots received of the 256 that are needed. A HUGE thank you to all who participated and we kindly request that you participate again.

A new “notice” of the election has been mailed to all Property Owners of Record. Please refer to this letter for complete details. We have offered ways for you to vote online if you have access to the Property Owners section of this website, by emailing in your ballot, dropping it off at the clubhouse or US Mail sending it. Do ONE!! Now!!
All Previous ballots have been discarded so please take a moment to vote again. We need you.

Please Vote by returning your ballot so that is is RECEIVED by the due date (posted during elections).

If you did not receive your package contact: admin@hawthornemgmt.com The package included the official meeting Notice, Ballot and Candidates Bios.
Online Version of the Ballot This may be filled out and emailed to admin@hawthornemgmt.com
OR If you have access to the Property Owners Website – You can vote securely online when voting is open

5 candidates – you may select 3