What do my association dues do for me?

The Davis Lake Community Association annual assessment (dues) as of 2020 are $186.66 per quarter.They are used for maintenance of the common grounds, amenities, and projects as deemed necessary by the DLCA Board. You will receive an invoice from our management company during the month preceding when the payment is due. You have 30 days to pay the bill or a late fee of $25 will be placed on your next bill. An annual budget and monthly accounting of funds is available in the DLCA Property Owners website.

For dues and billing questions,

Hawthorne Management Company
PO Box 11906
Charlotte, NC 28220
Barrie Rojahn – Association Manager

What are my payment method options for dues payments?

DLCA property owners may choose from several payment methods. For more details please review our Payment Portal Page

More information about payment methods above – and an online payment option.
For more information about delinquent payments and our collection policy, Davis Lake Property Owners can visit www.davislake.org/membersonly/ and look under the “policies” section.

If I rent a home in Davis Lake - can I use the pool?

Maybe – if you follow a few steps before the pool season. DLCA property owners whose dues are current may use the neighborhood amenities – which includes the Swim and Tennis facilities – at no additional cost. These same rights DO NOT automatically apply to tenants/renters. Property owners must submit a notarized form each year before the pool season if they wish to “reassign their rights” (allow their tenants to use the pool instead of themselves) Contact the clubhouse staff for details and the form needed. Property owners may also download a copy of the form from the Property Owners section of this website. The form must be completed annually before tenants may use the pool, tennis courts or other clubhouse facilities. It is suggested that landlords complete and submit the form when a new lease is signed each year.

If I want to make changes or improvements to my exterior home or property (e.g. landscaping, fences, decks, additions, new house colors, satellite dishes etc. ) what do I need to do?

Davis Lake has an Architectural Review Committee (DLARC). The DLARC provides guidelines to assist the homeowner in researching what is allowed or not allowed in Davis Lake, based on the Homeowners Covenants (Declaration of Rights, Restrictions, Affirmative Obligations and Conditions Applicable To All Property in Davis Lake) that all Davis Lake homeowners are legally obligated to follow. More details and a summary of the ARC Guidelines is online

The Declaration of Covenants, requires that all homeowners MUST submit for approval to the ARC ALL proposed exterior additions or alterations to their house or lot. All written homeowner requests must be on the “ARC Application for Change or Addition” ( PDF). This application is then submitted to the DLARC for review. The DLARC members will physically visit the site, and then make a decision on the requested changes. Homeowners are then notified in writing of all DLARC decisions within 45 days. For further assistance, please contact the Davis Lake ARC. (arc@davislake.org) Your message will go to all of the current ARC members. Please put your neighborhood or your property address (such as “Deer Cross” or 123 Poplar Grove Dr.) in the subject line of your message to help alert the proper ARC member to respond to your message.

Can I put up a satellite dish, antenna or radio tower?

All satellite dishes require ARC approval. (see question #2) If approval is given, satellite dishes must be 24″ in diameter or smaller and may not be visible from the street. Antennas and radio towers are not permitted per Davis Lake covenants and restrictions (see #2 above).

May I plant, landscape or cut trees in the common area adjacent to my property?

The common areas throughout the neighborhood belong to the Davis Lake Community Association. We understand that homeowners may want to landscape the common area but be aware that you individually do not own the common area. Before any changes are made, all written requests must be submitted to the Davis Lake Architectural Review Committee (DLARC) using the “ARC Application for Change or Addition” (PDF). The DLARC cannot approve landscaping additions that will restrict other residents’ use of the Davis Lake common areas.

Can I put a swing set in the common area adjacent to my property?

NO! Due to insurance and ownership issues, the swing set has to be on the homeowner’s property, not on Association property. You must move the swing set onto your property immediately.

Can I place signs in my yard or on the parkway?

Advertising or announcement signs of any type are prohibited on the parkway unless first approved by the Davis Lake Community Association Board. The only sign that does not require approval is one “For Sale” sign. If contractors wish to advertise their work they can apply for an ad in the Communiqué but may not put a sign in your yard.

Who do I contact if I have a complaint?

You have several options depending on the concern:
1.Contact Davis Lake’s Property Management Company for questions about Davis Lake common property, individual home owner property management issues, or non-compliance issues.
Hawthorne Management Company
PO Box 11906
Charlotte, NC 28220
Barrie Rojahn – Association Manager brojahn@hawthornemgmt.com 704/377-0114 ext. 118
2. Go to the Feedback page and submit your complaint.
3 . Call, write, visit or e-mail DLCA Club House, at 9000 Davis Lake Parkway, Charlotte NC 28269, 704-596-6958 clubhouse@davislake.org to discuss your concern with staff.
3. Call a Davis Lake Community Association Board member. Current Board Members

How do I get a new mailbox? How do I just get a new mailbox post? How do I get a nameplate for my mailbox? Can I change and get a different mailbox?

The neighborhood covenants require that all mailboxes and posts remain the same with regard to size, color, shape and appearance. The specifications are now located on our website in PDF printable format.

You may obtain the covenant-specified large black mailbox at ACE hardware, Lowe’s or Home Depot for about $25 – $30.  To help individual residents easily meet all of the mailbox specs as required, the DLCA board has identified 2 vendors that they recommend. These vendors will help you maintain your mailbox by following the approved Mailbox specs. More details on Mailboxes in Davis Lake. The DLCA however does not pay for individual mailbox maintenance or repairs. They suggest that you consider routine maintenance of your mailbox and post just as you do your home exterior. Our covenants are designed maintain neighborhood appearance which keeps property values up while keeping dues as reasonable as possible.

How do I run for the Board of the Davis Lake Community Association?

In the Communiqué Newsletter there will be a call for DLCA Board Member nominations annually – generally in the Oct. – Dec editions. Online Application Form The application requests that nominees fill out a brief biography and a statement about why they want to serve on the Board. This information will be publicized with the election materials to help property owners make a more informed voting decision. Voting will be completed by submitting a paper or electronic voting form prior to or during the Annual Community Association Meeting. New Board Members will elect officers and be installed after the Annual Meeting. Current Board members or Hawthorne Management can be contacted for further information.

I have a street light by my home and it is not working properly, what do I do?

The street lights in the community are maintained by Duke Power. Call 1-800-POWERON (769-3766) If you see a light out that is broken, burned out or is otherwise not functioning. Another option is to fill out the online service request by going to: http://www.duke-energy.com/north-carolina-business/service.asp and clicking on the “Report a Streetlight outage” button. Most of the lights in the community are marked with a number, please be sure to make note of this number when submitting the request.

Who do we contact for security, safety or governmental issues?

Security is a concern for everyone and prompt investigation is often the most effective means of prevention and curtailment. If you see suspicious activity please dial 911, indicate if it is an emergency or not, ask for the police dept. and make your report. This will result in a faster response time than calling any local police department office and is the recommended course of action by CMPD officers.

Davis Lake resides in the City of Charlotte District 2. Contact List for our representatives e-mailed at jamesdistrict2@aol.com or 704-336-3424. You should be also bookmark the City website at www.charmeck.nc.us . The City and County Customer Service & Information phone number is: 704-336-7600 or 704-336-8600 (automated).

If I am closing (buying or selling) a home in any of the Davis Lake Communities what do I need to do?

If you are selling your home, the closing firm will want to know about the status of your homeowner dues (if they are current or not). For an update contact Davis Lake’s Property Management Company
Hawthorne Management Company
PO Box 11906
Charlotte, NC 28220
Barrie Rojahn – Association Manager brojahn@hawthornemgmt.com 704/377-0114 ext. 118

Be sure to specify the property, owner involved, date of closing and where you want the information sent (phone, fax, e-mail).
If you are buying in Davis Lake Communities, you should be supplied the Covenants at time of closing. The covenants and by-laws of the DLCA are also available in the DLCA Property Owner’s Site so they can be downloaded or reviewed online. This is the preferred method, however if you need a printed copy, contact Hawthorne Management or the Davis Lake Clubhouse.

What should I do if raccoons/opossums are raiding my trash?

Animal Control (704-336-3786) can handle a variety of animal issues such as raccoons or opossums.

I have some large items that I would like the trash to take away, or I have yard waste that I want to make sure is taken away, - What do I do?

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Sanitation will not automatically pick up “bulky items” Items such as household furnishings, household appliances, mattresses, box springs, lawn equipment, and similar household items too large to be placed in the rollout cart.  Call Char-Meck 311 from your home phone or 704-336-7600 from your cell phone to schedule pick up of these items. Or go to: www.charmeck.org to fill out the online bulky item pickup service request. Please do not put these items out at curbside until the evening before your scheduled pick up date. It may  be a week or two away.

I want to have a garage sale on my own - do I need to get a permit?

You are required to get a permit from the City – call 704-336-6315 for info. The Swim team sponsors two neighborhood wide garage sales per year – usually the first weekend in May and October.

Davis Lake is a non-solicitation neighborhood - what do I do when a solicitor comes to the door?

Davis Lake is a non-soliciting neighborhood and when solicited you should be polite and tell them that door-to-door soliciting is not desired in Davis Lake. Even if they have credentials from the City or County allowing them to solicit, you can explain that the community does not desire door-to-door soliciting. Notification signs have been posted at all entrances to the neighborhood. If a solicitor is a nuisance, call 911.

Who can fish in the lake at Davis Lake? Does this include Davis Ridge residents?

Fishing in the lake is restricted only to residents and homeowners in the Davis Lake Communities. Davis Lake is stocked with fish and maintained using homeowner’s association dues, and therefore should be used only by Davis Lake Community residents. Davis Ridge is not a Davis Lake Community and has not been granted free use of the amenities paid for by Davis Lake Homeowners association dues. Davis Lake Communities include: Davis Lake Residential, Woodcroft and Legacy, Twisted Pines, and The Ridge at Davis Lake. These are dues paying communities. Bring your drivers license to the lake when fishing in case your address needs to be verified.

The Charlotte Police Department will be cooperating with Davis Lake Community residents to help enforce this policy. All residents have been given information about how to report a suspected trespasser to the police and neighborhood management. If you need this information, contact DLCA Club House, at 9000 Davis Lake Parkway, Charlotte NC 28269, 704-596-6958.

Non-residents of Davis Lake Communities found fishing in the lake will be told of the policy and asked to leave. If this person is found fishing at the lake again they will either be arrested for trespassing or the police officer will assist the Davis Lake Community Association in getting a warrant for trespassing. We hope that we will not have to go to these extreme measures frequently. Signs have been posted beside the lake to inform non-residents.

Why do the guardrails on Davis Lake Parkway near the lake look rusted? Are they supposed to look like that?

The original neighborhood developers specified a type of guardrail material that would take on a rustic, weathered or rusted look by design. The guardrails are not deteriorating and are not in need of maintenance. They have had this appearance since the early days of the neighborhood.