A “Catch and Release” Lake
for Davis Lake Property Owners Only

The lake within the Davis Lake Community Association (DLCA) property boundaries is a beautiful focal point of our community. However fishing in the lake is restricted to only the residents who live within the DLCA boundaries.

The DLCA boundary encompasses: Davis Lake Residential, Woodcroft, The Legacy, The Ridge at Davis Lake and Twisted Pines. Davis Ridge is not a part of the Davis Lake Community Association and they do not pay dues to support and maintain our amenities. Residents are requested to bring their drivers’ license or Davis Lake ID to the lake when fishing in case your address needs to be verified. You may NOT grant “visitor’s rights” to your friends or guests but they may fish with you.

The lake is stocked with fish and maintained using homeowner’s association dues, and therefore should be used only by DLCA residents. Others are considered to be trespassing on private property. Davis Lake Community Association property is NOT “public” property. It is “private community property”.

The Charlotte Police Department will be cooperating with the DLCA residents to help enforce this policy.  If you see a person at the lake that you think is trespassing, you should call 911 to report a possible non-resident fishing. You should also tell the 911 operator that the officer can check with our clubhouse manager for a list of streets in Davis Lake and those authorized to fish in the lake.

Non-residents of DLCA found fishing in the lake will be told of the policy and asked to leave and the officer will issue a report with that persons name on it. The officer will then give the club management a copy of the report to be place on file.. If the same person is ever back fishing again, the officer will do 1 of 2 things. They will either arrest the person, or assist the DLCA in getting a warrant for trespassing or a summons to appear in court.

We hope that we will not have to go to these extreme measures. Signs have been posted beside the lake to inform non-residents.

The Lake is a “Catch and Release” lake. This means that ALL fish caught in Davis Lake must be released back into the lake for others to enjoy. Regardless of size. You are certainly welcome to take a photo as your trophy!

Non motorized boats may be used, but CANNOT be stored on the lake. They must be stored on your property, out of sight of neighbors on your property.

Also, property owners are not allowed to mow or cut around the lake as there is a 10 foot common area. Our landscaping contractor has instructions from the board and lake professionals on maintenance of this area. PLEASE do NOT plant anything in this area – or in the lake!!! You also cannot cut or mow to make a path for a boats to be put into the water.

If you have questions about these policies
please contact Hawthorne Management Company