Coyotes in Davis Lake: Coyotes have been spotted in Davis Lake. It IS illegal to shoot them in the city limits of Charlotte. They are not normally dangerous for people but can be to small pets.For more information and helpful suggestions on how to co-exist with them, please see the following CharMeck webpages
Co-existing with Wildlife  There is info and a downloadable pamphlet of tips at this page. It also links to a fact sheet about coyotes… and another about Canadian Geese.

Basketball Goals

Place correctly on your property per ARC guidelines – not in the street or on the curb. More details

Cleaning up after your dog

not just a good neighbor thing to do – it’s the LAW! More details

Condo vs townhouse

What’s the difference? – read here We have both in Davis Lake Communities.

Highway and transportation

Highway and transportation Issues in our area. – who to write about your concerns…

Lily Pads and weeds in the Lake in Davis Lake

statement from our landscaper 9/30/2006

Masonite Siding Woes?

Motorized Scooters – Legal or Not? (NOT) Details

Noise and other Police Matters Directory of CMPD Numbers and Citizens’ Information

Trash in the DL Swim and Tennis dumpster – Not for personal use! More details

Safety Tips for Pedestrians/Runners.
Did you know that it is against the LAW to walk on the roadway when a sidewalk is provided?
Do you know what side of the road you should be on if you walk/jog/run versus if you are riding a bike? More information – and the answers to the questions above Please be careful for your sake – as well as for others on the road.