Scoop the Poop!

Cleaning up after your dog – not just a “good neighbor” thing to do – it’s the LAW! What is the Law and the Fine?

Davis Lake’s Community Association Board of Directors have approved the placement of two doggie waste receptacles near our walking trails. These stations will be emptied regularly and will also have pick-up bags. We strongly encourage the community to use them to help keep our community clean and safe.

Part of being a responsible dog owner is picking up your dog’s poop. I know this sounds disgusting and surely that poop is bio-degradable. Actually, it’s not according to Char-Meck Storm Water Depart. “Dog waste is raw sewage: Scoop it, bag it, and place it in the trash.” More Info

A few years ago, the DLCA Board purchased signs which were placed around the neighborhood to remind residents to Leash and clean up after pets. In Addition to being unsightly, Pet waste often carries parasites that threaten other dogs, small children and contaminates both our soil and water supply.

More information about the health risks of animal feces not disposed of properly – according to a local veterinarian.

Pet owners are legally responsible for removing all pet waste from property other than their own – including sidewalks, yards, common areas and the walking trails.

The board has approved the purchase of up to 12 signs to be placed throughout Davis Lake.

Charlotte/Mecklenburg County Animal Control ordinances require pet owners to remove pet waste from all property not their own. To report a dog owner who you have observed leaving pet waste on your property or on common areas of Davis Lake, you just have to call Char-Meck Animal Control at 704.336.3786. You must have the dog owner’s name and you must have observed the owner leaving the waste behind. The fine for the first offense is $50 and escalates $50 for each additional offense up to $500.

For more information on local ordinances pertaining to pets, visit the Animal Control section of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg government Web site:

The Rental Amendment has not passed. 572 votes were needed for the amendment to win, but the final vote count is 547 votes in favor. Yes, we were 25 votes short, but we’ll come back stronger and get this amendment passed! The board’s next meeting on November 30th will not be open to the community, instead it will be closed session only to discuss this matter and others that are also pressing and time-sensitive. Updates to the community will be forthcoming and community feedback will by sought on the amendment process and future amendment options.