The Davis Lake Community covenants require that all mailboxes and posts be consistant throughout the neighborhood with regard to size, color, shape and appearance. Stickers and Plastic Adhesive name lettering is not allowed. Names are not required to be on mailbox posts, but if they are – they MUST follow specifications.

You may obtain the covenant-specified large black mailbox locally at Ace Hardware, Lowes or Home Depot for about $30. The DLCA however does not pay for individual mailbox maintenance or repairs. They suggest that you consider routine maintenance of your mailbox and post just as you do your home exterior. Our covenants are designed maintain neighborhood appearance which keeps property values up while keeping dues as reasonable as possible.
Complete Mailbox specifications in printable PDF format

Several contractors have been interviewed by the DLCA and are willing to follow our official mailbox specifications if you need mailbox or post renovations. However, it is ultimately the homeowner who is responsible for the final product meeting all of the specifications. If you would like to hire someone to make your mailbox updates we suggest you contact one of these contractors:

Coming soon. Contact Associa Carolinas in the meantime.

If you have questions about the mailbox requirements or specifications contact:

Associa Carolinas

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Office: 704-944-8181