All property owners in Davis Lake Communities are required by the Davis Lake Covenants and Restrictions to pay an annual assessment (homeowners association dues) to maintain our common property and amenities and for projects deemed necessary and appropriate by the DLCA Board per the Covenants.

  • 2021 – $186.66 per quarter

Property Owners receive an invoice during the month preceding when the payment is due.
Payments are due in January, April, July, and October. They have 30 days to pay the bill or a late fee of $20 will be placed on the next bill. An annual budget and monthly accounting of funds is available in the DLCA Property Owners website. For dues and billing accounting questions, contact Associa (704-596-6958) who has been contracted by DLCA to collect and account for our Assessment funds.

Payment Mailing Address

Davis Lake Community Association
PO Box 531186
Atlanta, GA 30353-1186

Checks should be made payable to
Davis Lake Community Association
c/o Associa Carolinas

DLCA Property Owners can choose one of the following payment methods

  • US Mail – Mail assessment payment coupon with Check or Money Order. Payment address is on the coupon; envelope is provided.
  • Auto Debit – Authorize Associa to draft the assessment payment from your bank account. You may call Associa (704-596-6958) to obtain the required form.
  • Website Payments – Go online to https://app.townsq.io/
    Credit Card/Debit Card payments Convenience Fee = 2.95% of payment E Check payment Convenience Fee = $1.00 Hawthorne Management Company does not charge or receive any portion of the convenience fees.
  • Online Banking – Submit payment through your bank’s online banking system. Please include your account number on the remittance.
  • In Person at the clubhouse

More information about Quarterly Assessments and Delinquent Payment Collection Policy is in the Property Owners section of our website. Registered Davis Lake Property Owners can access this section of our website. www.davislake.org/membersonly/

If you have additional questions, a problem with making a payment or your DLCA account contact:

Associa Carolinas
PO Box 531186
Atlanta, GA 30353-1186

Sharissa Dawes-Hill – Onsite Property Manager