Proposed Rental Amendment Vote

Proposed Rental Amendment Vote Information


We have heard your complaints and concerns about the number of rentals and the impact that the rental units, including the short-term rentals, is having on our community and your quality of life. For several months now, the Board of Directors for Davis Lake Community Association, Inc. has been working on how best to address those issues and what can be done to place reasonable restrictions on rental units in the neighborhood.

The Board of Directors is in the process of proposing a Rental Amendment to the Declaration of Covenants in order to provide reliable guidelines governing rental properties in Davis Lake. Of particular concern is the influx of large investors into our community, many of whom purchase multiple properties for the sole purpose of leasing them out.  The Amendment will require a 24 month waiting period from the date of closing until when the property can be leased. In addition, other restrictions provide a level of governance on how these investments can operate.  It is our hope that this amendment, if approved by the Voting Members, will not only protect our shared interest in Davis Lake but will help protect our property values.  In order to pass the proposed Rental Amendment, 67% of the Voting Members must vote in favor, so please be prepared to vote when the time comes.

More information will be forthcoming soon announcing a town hall discussion date and when owners can anticipate receiving their ballot to vote.  Thank you to all Davis Lake residents who have been so supportive of this initiative.

The Davis Lake Community Association Board of Directors

The Rental Amendment has not passed. 572 votes were needed for the amendment to win, but the final vote count is 547 votes in favor. Yes, we were 25 votes short, but we’ll come back stronger and get this amendment passed! The board’s next meeting on November 30th will not be open to the community, instead it will be closed session only to discuss this matter and others that are also pressing and time-sensitive. Updates to the community will be forthcoming and community feedback will by sought on the amendment process and future amendment options.